General Terms of Use Buyers


ASSETSET LTD offers on (hereinafter the "Site"), a Market Place, allowing major buyers (hereinafter "Buyers" or "You") to enter into contact with sellers, individuals or professionals (hereinafter "Sellers"), in order to buy new and used products (hereinafter "Products") offered at a firm price (hereinafter "Marketplace" or the "Service") attracting everyday consumption, food or any other product offered by the Sellers.

To use the Service, the Purchaser must accept these General Terms of Use for the Buyer (hereinafter the "Buyer T & Cs") without restriction or reservation. This acceptance is materialized by a validation click when registering on the Marketplace.

Sales made through the Marketplace between Buyers and Sellers are governed by the General Conditions of Sale of the Service (hereinafter the "GTC"), which must also be accepted by the Buyer when each purchase.

See the general conditions of sales.

Article 1: object

The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Buyer is to define the conditions under which ASSETSET LTD makes technological tools available to Buyers to buy Products from Sellers.

Article 2. Description of the Marketplace

The Marketplace is made up of technological tools enabling Buyers to get in touch with Sellers with a view to placing orders for Products and adjusting the price of said Products.

The Marketplace also includes a system for evaluating Sellers by Buyers as well as a system for evaluating products sold by Sellers.

Transactions made via the Marketplace for the purpose of purchasing Products are concluded directly between the Buyer and the Seller. ASSETSET LTD is in no case a reseller of the Products offered by the Sellers through the Marketplace. Thus, Products purchased via the Marketplace can in no way be returned or exchanged by ASSETSET LTD.

However, all complaints can be brought to the attention of ASSETSET LTD by email at

In the event of non-compliance with these General Terms of Use for the Buyer, ASSETSET LTD reserves the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt access to the Marketplace to the Buyer concerned and to initiate legal proceedings against against him.

Each Buyer undertakes to conclude purchases in good faith.

Article 3. Access to the Marketplace

Access to the Marketplace by Buyers is reserved for personal and private use.

It is subject to acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Buyer and the opening of an account on the Site. When opening this account, You must provide the data allowing your identification. You agree to provide only accurate information, then to inform ASSET LTD without delay of any change affecting them, by sending a simple email to

You agree to keep secret your login and password created when opening your account, and not to disclose them to any third party. You will be solely responsible for access to the Marketplace via your username and password, unless proof of fraudulent use is not attributable to You.

In the event of loss, misappropriation or fraudulent use of your username and / or password, You agree to immediately notify ASSETSET LTD by email to

Article 4. Price of the service

Opening an account and using the Marketplace is free (excluding any connection costs, the price of which depends on your electronic communications operator), with no obligation to purchase on the Site. Only the purchase of Products from Sellers is subject to payment, under the conditions provided for in the General Conditions of Sale.

Article 5. Personal data

Information and data concerning You is processed by ASSETSET LTD. The information necessary for delivery will be transferred to the Seller (s) for this sole purpose. This information and data is also kept for security purposes, in order to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations incumbent on ASSETSET LTD, with the aim of improving and personalizing the services we offer to You.

In accordance with the law "computing and liberties" of January 6, 1978, You have a right of opposition, access, rectification and deletion on the personal data concerning You, under the conditions envisaged by the law. To exercise them, you just have to write us online at Customer Service or by mail at ASSETSET LTD, Chemin Vingt Pieds, Grand Baie, indicating your name, first name, e-mail address and if possible your customer number. In accordance with the regulations in force, your request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing your signature and specify the address to which the response must be sent to You. A response will then be sent to You within a maximum of 2 months following receipt of the request.

The Site is also designed to be particularly attentive to the needs of our customers. This is one of the reasons why we use cookies. The purpose of the cookie is to signal your visit to the Site. Cookies are therefore only used by ASSETSET LTD for the purpose of improving the personalized service intended for you.

Article 6. Intellectual property

6.1 - All texts, comments, works, illustrations, works and images reproduced or represented on the Site are strictly reserved under copyright law as well as intellectual property, for the entire duration of protection of these rights and for the whole world. As such and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, only use for private use, subject to different or even more restrictive provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, is authorized. Any reproduction, representation, modification or total or partial adaptation of the Site and / or all or part of the elements found on the Site or which are incorporated therein is strictly prohibited.

6.2 - Certain Products are subject to personal and specific rights of use regulating copies, public broadcasts, rentals etc. You must respect the contractual conditions applicable to these Products and ASSETSET LTD cannot be responsible for the uses which could be made of these Products in this context.
Article 7. Liability

ASSETSET LTD's responsibility towards the Buyer can only be engaged for facts which would be directly attributable to it and which would cause it damage directly related to these facts. It cannot be engaged for indirect damages. ASSETSET LTD cannot be held responsible either for the improper use of the Marketplace by the Purchaser or for any fault on its part. Nor can it be engaged on grounds attributable to a third party to the Service.

In addition, ASSETSET LTD can not be held liable for the content made available on the Site by Buyers or Sellers, in particular with regard to the description of Products or the assessments that Buyers make of Sellers or Products, except if it does not make them inaccessible promptly after being informed of their illegality under the conditions provided for by this law.

Finally, ASSETSET LTD declines any responsibility with regard to the sales which the Buyers conclude with the Sellers through the Marketplace Any complaint relating to the comments appearing on the description of the Products or the deliveries of the Products will be redirected to the designated Seller, who will assume full and sole responsibility in this respect.

The Buyer is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Marketplace, in particular the assessments he makes on the Sellers' Site, and undertakes to guarantee on first demand to indemnify and compensate ASSETSET LTD for any damage, loss, loss of profit which ASSETSET LTD could suffer if its responsibility were engaged by a third party, due to an action linked to this use of the Service by the Purchaser.

Article 8. Partial invalidity

If one or more stipulations of these Buyer T & Cs are held to be invalid or declared as such pursuant to a law, regulation or a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will remain in full force and all their scope.

Article 9. Applicable law

These Buyer T & Cs are subject to Mauritian law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and / or execution falls under the jurisdiction of Mauritius.