Automatic update of your catalog on

by Thierry SALORD

Automatic update of your catalog on

You already have an e-commerce website on a platform such as WordPresse (Woocommerce), Shopify, Prestashop, Magento,…

Your main concern is stock management and updating prices!

Indeed, entrusting your products for sale on an external platform such as leads to managing the price list and stocks on several interfaces, it is effectively a management issue and a waste of time for the supplier.

But offers you a solution!


A new communication interface:

Ornamentally when you entrust your products for sale on the marketplace, our new inter-boutique communication interface allows you to manage your products on your own interface without worrying about updating stocks and prices on kazystore. com

These operations are now automated!

To automatically interact with the sales platform, simply extract a file containing the price list and the stock from your own store, whenever you need it. will periodically read your file and update your price list on the platform.


The file formats accepted by

  • XLS format
  • XLSX format
  • XML format
  • YML format

Automatic update of your catalog on

Each time sells one of your products, you receive an order email and you can find this order in your private backoffice on

Then simply update your stock in your store or in your CRM and automatically send a new file to containing the new stocks. will then read your file in the chosen directory on your system and will instantly update prices and stocks.


Interface your CRM with

If your commercial activity is managed by a CRM, you can extract from your CRM management system an update file which you will deposit in a directory readable by an "http" request and which will be able to read periodically for the update. day of your catalog on our sales platform.

Price and inventory management is no longer an obstacle to sell your products on