Buy online Mauritius

by Thierry SALORD
Buy online Mauritius

Online shopping in Mauritius

E-commerce in Mauritius is booming, as announced by the Minister of Commerce, Yogida Sawmynaden many operators now offer consumers to shop online by paying contactless and generally ensuring home delivery.

In 2018, Europe generated 547 billion euros in turnover in e-commerce!

We are a long way from the 90s when the infancy of the Internet timidly developed e-commerce at that time.

Mauritius is now riding the wave of innovation which, with the containment factor due to the Covid-19 has certainly accelerated the process, is taking an increased acceleration which will propel e-commerce platforms to the forefront.

Of course, e-commerce has come at an acceleration with the effect of containment. Difficult to shop in the middle of a lockdown period.

Data security and privacy concerns are now well protected and online shopping is more secure than ever. The almost compulsory SSL certificates on an E-commerce site and highly recommended by Google are a guarantee of quality.

The advantages of online shopping in Mauritius

With just a few clicks, you can find what you are looking for effortlessly at any time of the day or night. From home or during a break at your workplace, you can order everything you want online!

You pay for your purchases securely and are informed in real time of home delivery times.

Considerable time savings when compared to traditional shopping.

Some men, as we know, will be delighted not to have to accompany their wife or companion for shopping or to survey the shops.

With e-commerce, we avoid unnecessary travel and save money!

Mauritians are now going to try a new attractive experience, that of online shopping!


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