E-commerce enters the mores in Mauritius

by Thierry SALORD
Shopping online Mauritius

Online shopping in Mauritius

For several years Mauritius has been developing its activities on the Internet. The containment due to the COVID 19 pandemic revealed a rapidly growing need in terms of e-commerce and an acceleration of online shopping services accompanied by home delivery.

Even if until now, shopping habits on the Internet were not yet very developed, it is now certain that Mauritius is exploding its digital offers based particularly on online commerce.

The growing popularity of e-commerce is making headway and many customers are rushing to the web to shop online!

IT development companies have rushed into this breach, thus offering an opportunity to change mentalities and democratize online shopping in Mauritius.

In addition, the number of Mauritians with a credit card allowing them to pay for their online purchases has increased sharply over the last decade, thus favoring frequentation of e-commerce sites.

Beyond the growth of credit card holders, other payment methods have enriched the process such as Juice by MCB, Mips, not to mention the inevitable Paypal known worldwide, but previously banned in Mauritius which finally opened its services for Mauritians.

Online shopping sites are now an integral part of the landscape and communication around these services is growing exponentially.


The digital evolution

One thing is certain, this digital evolution will not stop there. Many value-added services enrich this cyber landscape to promote the civic life of Mauritians.

Beyond the banks which for several years now have set up Internet banking allowing customers to consult their bank accounts and make transfers, the public services have also developed several platforms facilitating administrative procedures such as EDB for l 'Obtaining Mauritian resident permits or licenses, online services for the taxi sector are underway, and many other developments will be launched in near future.

The digital age is therefore well and truly underway in Mauritius with an exponential surge!


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